Learn Paraguay, educational portal

Learn Paraguay Educational portal aims to become the main access point virtual educational community Paraguay, through the promotion of the use of content and services that contribute to the strengthening and improvement of education in our country.
Learn Paraguay, the country's educational website, is part of the Incorporation of ICT Policy Paraguayan educational system through the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Learn Paraguay was re designed to make better use of their resources within the project introduction of ICT in education the Ministry of Education and Culture, currently implemented by the Department of Science and Educational Innovation.


Currently, the Portal is an active part of the Latin American Network of Educational Portals (RELPE).
Products and Services

In the Education Portal Learn Paraguay country's education community can access resources, products and services, applicable to everyday educational processes.

  • Forums.
  • Digital educational content
  • Significant Experiences Banks.
  • Briefing notes.
  • Edusitios
  • Events

Arranged on 3 desktops: (Teachers and Directors), (Student), (Family and Community), to facilitate access.
In the Education Portal Learn Paraguay want to promote the use of virtuality in education. We encourage teachers to use the virtual tools offer arranged for our users.




The Ministry of Education and Culture through the Directorate General of Science and Innovation in Education welcomes you to Educational Portal "Learn Paraguay".

This space is designed for those agents who are part of the educational community and he will find, among other proposals ...

Group Teacher: If you are an educator, you can access tools for interaction and communication as well as teaching resources you can use in the portal content to support your work in the areas that make your teaching management, administrative and community, as well as promoting innovation and updating through networks of teachers and the training offers you'll find.

If you are a manager of an educational institution also access important elements that make your management, leadership in the community and the institution, and other tools that we will disponibilizando.

Group Students: If you are a student, we provide digital resources that will help you perform your activities, expand your learning and get news and information concerning the technologies and their use in our environment and in different countries, regions, so that broaden your horizons.

The portal also makes available to the educational community a number of resources and tools that allow access to information, knowledge and communication.